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Strain Transfer for Optimal Performance of Sensing Sheet



Sensing sheets based on Large Area Electronics (LAE) and Integrated Circuits (ICs) are novel sensors designed to enable reliable early-stage detection of local unusual structural behaviors. Such a device consists of a dense array of strain sensors, patterned onto flexible polyimide substrate along with associated electronics. Previous tests performed on steel specimens equipped with sensing sheet prototypes and subjected to fatigue cracking pointed to a potential issue: individual sensors that were on or near a crack would immediately fail, and could not be used to assess the size of the crack opening or to monitor the future crack growth. In these tests, a stiff adhesive was used to bond the sensing sheet prototype to the steel specimen. Such an adhesive provided excellent strain transfer, but it also caused premature failure of individual sensors within the sheet. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to identify alternative adhesives that alleviate stress concentrations in the sensing sheet at a crack, and provide strain transfer that is sufficient for reliable early-stage crack detection.


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