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Monitoring Method and System for Uneven Sedimentation of Storage Tank Foundation Based on FBG



Uneven sedimentation of the oil storage tank foundation beyond standard design requirements will not only destroy the tank structure and the foundation itself, which leads to the tank media leakage will also cause adverse environmental impact, and cause huge economic losses, so uneven sedimentation of storage tank foundation has always been an important issue in storage tank management. Based on the safety characteristics of large oil storage tanks, this paper puts forward the method of monitoring the sedimentation of the storage tank foundation using FBG static leveling sensor, analyzes the principle of FBG static leveling sensor, and designs the tank sedimentation monitoring system which include sensing layer, network layer and application layer. A field test was carried out to investigate the developed system at the repository, 55 sensors of 9 oil storage tanks are made up of the sensor network based on the probabilistic model, and the total number is 43800 for five months. It shows that the system can real-time give uneven sedimentation trend of the storage tank foundation, realize on-line continuous monitoring, and meet the requirements of actual measurement. The system will provide data support for the geological evolution and forecast of the repository to ensure the safe operation of the oil storage tank. At the same time the technology and the system also can be applied to new tanks filling water test for tank foundation sedimentation observation


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