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Vibration Analysis and Structural Optimization of Networking Equipment for the Internet of Things under Base Excitation



The Internet of Things (IoT) has been widely used in varieties of applications, including intelligent control and structural health monitoring. As the basic part of IoT systems, the underlying networking equipment has to be characterized with high reliability. However, unlike other traditional networking products, it always works at severe environments. Many reliability issues of hardware and software occur due to the complex working conditions. Among the environmental factors, vibration may cause contact problems between components, which can lead to system failure. Thus, system-level simulation and experiment are needed to monitor and enhance the structural health. In this paper, finite element (FE) simulation is performed to calculate the mode and harmonic response of underlying electronic equipment of IoT under base excitation, and experiments are carried out to verify the simulation results. Through the simulation and experiments results, the weak part of the whole system can be detected. Then an approach to strengthen the structure and reduce the vibration is put forward. Furthermore, the strengthened structure is validated by both simulations and experiments. The results show that the optimized networking equipment has smaller vibration amplitude and provides a safer environment for the inside components


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