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Study on the Monitoring Method of Windinduced Response of Transmission Tower Structure Based on Dynamic Analysis



It is important to study the wind disaster reduction method of transmission tower structure in typhoon prone coastal areas. In order to ensure the safety of the transmission tower structure and its power line under the typhoon wind load, it is proposed that the transmission tower structure should be monitored using bridge health monitoring method. The monitoring items including the wind power, wind speed and dynamic response of tower structure. Firstly, the finite element model of transmission tower structure system was built to make the dynamic and time history analysis under the simulated typhoon wind load; Secondly, with the result from analysis, the vibration acceleration, vibration displacement and time history curve of each part of the tower are analyzed, and the dynamic response rule of the tower under the action of vector wind load is obtained. Based on the finite element analysis results, the parts which had the large dynamic response are selected to arrange as measuring points of tower structure. The selection method of monitoring sensor is proposed according to the dynamic monitoring requirements. At last the wind monitoring system of transmission tower was presented. In the typhoon prone season, the dynamic monitoring system can be used to collect real-time response data of the tower, which can provide the basic data for the study of the wind disaster reduction for tower structure.


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