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Development of SMART Gate Decision Support Tools for Large Inland Navigation USACE Infrastructure: The Dalles Tainter Gate



The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recently replaced the upstream Tainter gate controlling the navigation channel of The Dalles Lock and Dam, just east of Portland, Oregon, and was interested in the development of decision support tools to support operation and maintenance of the gate under the Structural Monitoring and Analysis in Real-Time of lock Gates (SMART Gate) program. This paper focuses on the structural health monitoring (SHM) strategy developed by the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) for long-term monitoring of the new upstream gate. A numerical model was developed to perform simulations of the new gate, evaluate various damage scenarios, and determine features that could indicate the simulated damage. The damage indication features were then used to develop an appropriate instrumentation package. The instrumentation of the gate included strain gages, temperature gages, and inclinometers. The instrumentation strategy was developed to provide real time operational feedback related to hoisting forces and uneven hoisting of the gate, biaxial bending moments, shear, and axial forces in the struts, and trunnion friction. At the time that the paper is being written, data is currently being collected from the instrumented gate and will be used to validate the statistical and numerical models. The instrumented gate and validated numerical models will then be used to test damage-detection tools and strategies. Once validated, the damage-detection algorithms will be applied to the data acquisition system on site, to inform maintenance and provide real-time alerts for operations.


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