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Mechanical Response and Failure Mechanism of Fiber Reinforced Composite Truss Core Sandwich Structures

L. MA, J. XIONG, M. LI, L.-Z. WU


Sandwich panels are widely used in lightweight construction especially in aerospace industries because of their high specific strength and stiffness. In present work, we introduced a kind of sandwich structure made from carbon fiber reinforced composite truss core. The sandwich structures are fabricated with a molding hot-press technique. In this method all the continuous fibers of composite are aligned in the direction of struts and thus the truss structure can fully exploit the intrinsic strength of the fiber reinforced composite. Analytical and experimental investigation has been carried out to explore the mechanical response of carbon fiber composite truss core sandwich panel. The failure mechanisms of such sandwich structure were also considered in this study.


sandwich structures; composite; mechanical properties; failure mechanismText

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