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Lamb Wave Propagation in a Functionally Graded Piezoelectric- piezomagnetic Material Plate



Propagation of Lamb waves in a functionally graded piezoelectric-piezomagnetic material plate with material parameters change gradually along thickness direction is investigated. The power series technique is employed for solving the governing differential equations with variable coefficients. In numerical examples, the influence of the variation of each parameter on dispersion curves and cut-off frequency for electrical and magnetic open case is discussed. The results obtained indicate that graded elastic parameters and mass density affect the phase velocity remarkably. Some other graded electrical and magnetic parameters affect the phase velocity a little. The cut-off frequency is close related to two elastic parameters and mass density, while other material parameters almost can’t affect it. All the results may provide theoretical guidance not only for the analysis and design of high performance electro-magnetic transducers but also for the ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of functionally graded piezoelectric-piezomagnetic materials.


functionally graded piezoelectric-piezomagnetic material (FGPPM); Lamb waves; dispersion curves; cut-off frequencyText

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