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17. Shear Behavior of Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete



This paper presents a comprehensive experimental study on the shear capacity of zero-slump, dry-cast synthetic fiber-reinforced concrete (SYN-FRC), aiming at applying the test results gained from this study, to reduce or even eliminate the structural reinforcement.

Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) G-553 test method is used to measure the beam shear performance. In adjacent with shear test, flexural and compression behavior of concrete determined based on American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) C1609 and C39, respectively on concrete with 28 MPa (4,000 psi) compressive strength. A total of 30 beams with different fiber dosages were cast and tested based on JSCE G-553 and ASTM C1609. The test results demonstrated that the application of synthetic fibers in concrete yielded to significant improvements in material properties of concrete such as shear strength, shear toughness, flexural strength and flexural toughness. These enhancements were greater at higher synthetic fiber dosage rates.

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