Effect of Entrepreneur’s Behavior to the Transformation of Hi-Tech SMEs

Shaoqing Geng, Yubin Liu


The economic transformation needs the support of the micro level of enterprise transformation. As one of the main bodies of the market; Hi-Tech SMEs play the most active part in the market, promoting economic transformation. Current study on enterprise transformation mainly concentrated in manufacturing; there are few studies on the impact of entrepreneurial behavior on the success or failure of transformation of Hi-Tech SMEs. For this reason, this paper conducts a case study of Qi Wei Te solar energy corporation on this issue. The study finds that enterprise transformation follows the transition of entrepreneur’s behavior and the entrepreneur’s behavior affect the success or failure of the transformation. Magnificent dreams and business experience are the starting point of enterprise transformation. Learning behavior runs through the whole process of enterprise development. The inertia of thinking is the root of the enterprise unable to adapt to the environment. Network building behavior is adjusted, and then the internal and external social networks are adjusted to provide the guarantee for the successful transformation. On the basis of these, the paper puts forward the behavior pattern of entrepreneurs in the process of transformation.


Enterprise transformation; entrepreneurs’ behavior; Hi-Tech SMEs; successful transformation.


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