Reduce the Incidence of Oil Leakage of Automobile Shock Absorber Based on TRIZ

Shitong Zhang, Shu Chen, Youlong Du, Xu Zhao


Cars are an important means of transportation for our travel brings convenience. And automobile shock absorber is an essential component influencing the stability of the car. It can alleviate vibration of the car from the uneven road and quickly absorb its turbulence. However, most automobile shock absorbers have the defect of oil leakage which will create abnormal sound and make the ride “rough” while driving. Moreover, it will lead the shock absorbers of invalidation, affecting smooth driving and braking of cars. By using TRIZ innovative theory from the casual analysis, function analysis, contradiction and Su-Field modeling, this study can find a solution to reduce the incidence of automobile shock absorber oil leakage, use selected reasonable scheme which is easy to implement and get the patent eventually.


Automobile shock absorber; Oil leakage; TRIZ


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