Strategies for Creating National Brand and Boosting “The Belt and Road Initiatives”

Kai CHEN, Rui YANG, Li CHEN, Yu-fan JIANG, Yang YANG


“ T he Belt and Road Initiatives ” strategy opens a new window to show the national image for China, providing an important platform for mainland enterprises to "go out", opening the door to the world for more domestic products. One big challenge of Chinese pro ducts “ going out ” is that the international market is no lack of products made in Chinese, but is lack of Chinese brands. Carry ing out national marketing, cultivating and creating national brand can enhance the image of the country and endow products with the strength of national brand and improve the brand competitiveness of Chinese products in international market. Therefore, this paper will propose national marketing strategies from the perspectives of external network marketing, external film marketing, external tourism marketing, external culture marketing and external cause marketing to build national brand of our country and better promoting “ the Belt and Road Initiatives ”.


National brand, The Belt and road initiatives, National marketing, National image


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