Pollution Characteristics and Source Apportionment of VOCs at City Centre of Kunming in Summer and Autumn

Yin Liu, Chenghui Wang, Feng Xiang, Zezheng Li, Linjie Han, Jianwu Shi


Based on the data of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) collected from July to October, 2014 in the centre of Kunming, characteristic of their variability and source identification by principal component analysis (PCA) were analyzed. In summer, 40.60% of the total VOC concentrations were attributed to biogenic emissions and industrial process, 19.33% to vehicle emissions, 19.19% to solvent usage, 10.02% to fuel evaporation(including LPG/NG leakage and gasoline evaporation), and 8.34% to industrial production. In autumn, 39.73% of the total VOC concentrations were attributed to industrial production, 27.67% to solvent usage, 21.26% to vehicle emissions, 8.12% to fuel evaporation.


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