Particle Swarm Fractional Order Burgers Model of Accumulated Pore Pressure Subject to Constant Cyclic Loading of Principal Stress Axis

Yao Zhaoming , Shang Yujiao


The uneven settlement of soft soil foundation caused by the traffic load has become an urgent problem. The reasonable and accurate prediction of long-term settlement of soft soil foundation subject to traffic loading is of great significance. On the basis of experiment of soft clay under cyclic loading, we take the initial law of accumulative pore water pressure to establish the Burgers model and the fractional order Burgers model. Also, the particle swarm optimization was used to optimize the parameters of Burgers model. Through the comparison of the results, we have found that the fractional order Burgers is more suitable for simulating the accumulative pore pressure of saturated soft soil subject to cyclic loading with principal stress axis deflection, and it can be applied to the prediction of foundation settlement.


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