Preparation and Characterization of Thermal Insulating Coating for Buildings

Bo Yang, Yang Yang, Shuanghong Zhang, Wei Zhai, Maodong Li, Lin Yang


ATO@SiO2@ATO, the nano-power with new core-shell structure was prepared, with nano-ATO grain surther further coated with silicon dioxide and ATO on the surface. According to the test result of XRD, SEM, laser grain size analysis, heat insulation performance analysis, it showed that ATO@SiO2@ATO powder was the grain of which grainsize was nanometer level and uniform with spherical structure. After testing the thermal insulation coatings made of nano-ATO powder, ATO@SiO2 powder and ATO@SiO2@ATO powder, the result showed that the insulation performance of ATO@SiO2@ATO-10% powder was better than ATO.


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