Experimental Study on Bond Characteristics of Adhering Sand and Ribbed Surface FRP Bars with Concrete

Meixia Pan, Xinsheng Xu


The mechanical performance of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforced concrete structure is directly affected by the bond behavior between concrete and FRP bars, which is obviously different from steel bars. The bond characteristics of adhering sand and ribbed surface FRP bars (ASRSFBs) and plain FRP bars were investigated in pullout tests and compared to that of ribbed steel bars and plain steel bars, respectively. Results of the tests indicated that ASRSFBs showed good bond capacity with concrete and the bond strength and slip values of the profiled FRP bars were a little lower than that of ribbed steel bars, while the plain FRP bars were proved to be unable to serve as reinforcement owing to far lower bond strength than that of plain steel bars. Moreover, the specimens reinforced with ASRSFBs exhibited a pull-out failure mode, and the adhering sand on the surface of FRP bars were ground into powder-like. Shear slip was found between ribbed protrusion and core fiber of FRP bars, causing longitudinal shear-bond failure. It was concluded that the bond strength was controlled by the type of resin.


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