Study on Flame Retardancy of Polylactic Acid Composites

Shaoyu Wang, Lei Zhou, Wenyan Feng, Dongze Li


Based on poly lactic acid (PLA) as the main body, we have selected the phosphorus flame retardant and montmorillonite as auxiliary materials. Prepared PLA composites by Huck torque rheometer, through limiting oxygen index determination, MCC test, UL-94 flame test, we have known the effect of flameretardant material and discussed its flame retardant mechanism. In addition, through measuring tensile strength, impact strength, flexural strength and elongation at break of poly lactic acid composite, we discuss the change of mechanical properties after adding flame retardants. Combustion performance tests show, phosphorus flame retardant and montmorillonite retardant system for poly lactic acid efficiency is very high. Adding a small amount of flame retardants can greatly improve the limiting oxygen index value, the vertical burning poly lactic acid level increased from NR level becomes V-0 level. Mechanics test research shows that a small amount of montmorillonite on composite materials tensile strength, impact strength and static bending strength has obvious promotion effect.


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