Study on the Corrosion Length of Steel Bars in Concrete with Transverse Cracks Under the Dry-wet Circulation Environment

Rongzhen Dong, Jiaopei Liu, Jun Wei, Yunxuan Qi, You Liu


In the paper, the effect of transverse cracks on the corrosion length of steel bars in concrete under the dry-wet circulation environment has been studied. Specimens of reinforced concrete with different width of transverse cracks were used in the drywet circulation environment test. After a certain number of cycles, carry out the study on the state of reinforcement corrosion in concrete. Main results are as follows: the steel corrosion length in the specimens soaked in chloride solution was much longer than the steel corrosion length of those specimens soaked in water. Besides, the corrosion length of steel bars increased along with the increase of crack width. When the crack width was more than 0.3mm, the reinforced steel showed the sustained corrosion mechanism; but when the crack width was less than 0.3mm, the reinforced steel showed the crack sealing mechanism. The phenomenon illustrated that the corrosion rate was fast at the early stage, and slowed down or even stopped later. The relationship between steel corrosion length and the period of dry-wet circulation applied to the linear relationship. In the paper, the prediction model of steel corrosion length has been built after the relationship between steel bars corrosion length and the dry-wet cycles has been analyzed.


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