Preparation of Paving Asphalt by Co-pyrolysis of Coal Tar Pitch and FCC Slurry

Lipeng Du, Xianglin Cheng, Liucheng Wang, Jianhong Zhao, Qingling Bi, Jianshe Wang, Luhai Wang, Chengying Song


Coal tar pitch was co-pyrolyzed with FCC slurry. The co-pyrolysis temperature is at 420oC with the mixture of coal tar pitch and FCC slurry mixing ratio of 1:1. The penetration, softening point, ductility and other properties meets the specifications of BZ200. The co-pyrolysis asphalt was analyzed using FTIR, NMR etc. The results show that there occurs hydrogen transfer and alkyl transfer reaction of FCC slurry and coal tar pitch during co-pyrolysis, leading to the improvement of molecular structure of modified asphalt.


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