Study on Transport State of Chloride Ion in Concrete Crack Area Under Dry-wet Cycle

Rongzhen Dong, Yin Gao, You Liu, Jun Wei, Yunxuan Qi


The chloride ion concentration distribution and crack influence area in concrete crack area under dry-wet cycle are studied. Test blocks of concrete with different width of transverse crack are made; accelerate chloride ion erosion of concrete by using dry-wet cycle; the chloride ion concentration in the side of the crack and from the surface of the specimen to the direction the steel bar of different erosion cycles is regularly detected. The test results show that chloride concentration decreases with the increase of transmission depth, and achieve stability at 20mm. With the dry-wet cycle progressing, after 20 dry-wet cycle periods, chloride concentration in the specimen with crack width from 0.1mm to 0.5mm is over 0.1% on the side of crack by 30mm, which means the steel in this section is in danger of corrosion. Meanwhile, because of the interplay between the two-dimensional transmissions, the greater the crack width is, the higher will the chloride concentration of same transmission depth be.


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