Research on Influence of Brown Sugar and Glutinous Rice Pulp on Compressive Strength of Tabia

Yi Lv, Peicheng Liu, Ringan Xie, Libo Yue, Jian Hu


Tabia can be used for repair of historic buildings, and it has been verified by some papers that the addition of some organic matters will improve the compressive strength of tabia; however, a traditional additive of the mixture of brown sugar and glutinous rice pulp is seldom researched. By adopting the orthogonal experiment, this article conducts research on the influence of brown sugar and glutinous rice pulp on compressive strength of tibia after the curing of 28 days with relative humidity of 60% and temperature of 28℃. According to the experimental result, in this experimental condition, the compressive strength of tabia is positively correlated with the additive amount of the brown sugar, and is negatively correlated with the initial additive amount of glutinous rice pulp and water.


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