Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Structure and Masonry Structure with High Performance Ferrocement Laminate (HPFL)

Shouping Shang, Xinzhong Huang


As the great demand of the reinforcement and repair of aged structures nationwide, as well as the rapid development of innovative building materials, the adoption of strengthening RC structures and masonry structures with new inorganic materials has become a general trend. Compared with the conventional reinforcement methods using organic materials, significant advantages of reinforcement method using inorganic materials can be seen, such as better fireproof performance, aging-resistant property, environment-friendly and costeffective. Domestic scholars had conducted plenty of relevant experimental researches on this, subsequently obtained a new type of reinforcement method named high performance ferrocement laminate (HPFL). High performance ferrocement laminate is a new type of inorganic material with a series of advantages, for instance, high strength, small contraction, and good bonding properties, etc. The reinforced laminate of the HPFL combined with steel-bar mesh can work well with RC and masonry members to be strengthened, and minimize the spacing requirement. The capacity of resistance, stiffness, crack resistance and ductility can be significantly promoted when reinforcing RC and masonry members with HPFL.


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