Technology and Practice of Mechanized Backfill Mining for Water Protection with Aeolian Sand Paste-like

Pengliang Liu


The technique of mechanized mining backfill with aeolian sand paste-like was invented. Aeolian sand was used as aggregate and alkali-activated fly ash as cementing agent in the backfill. The ratio was studied that the water-sand ratio was 1:1.3, the mass concentration was 72%, and the filling slurry’s initial fluidity reached 210mm. The filling capacity reached 360m3/h and the running energy consumption was low with adopting the filling station model of double pulping system and underground equipment pool. Industrial test showed that the technique met the requirements of water resources protection, based on that the filling rate was 98.5% in goaf, strata behavior appear slightly, roof water leaching was less than 2m3/d, and surface subsidence value was 38mm. Meanwhile, there were great breakthroughs in cost and production efficiency comparing with similar technology.


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