Development and Practice of Teaching Platform for Construction Survey

Zhihong Niu, Jie Zhu


With the rapid development of new technology and new process, engineering construction, survey data processing process of measuring real-time rapid completion of engineering construction has become an inevitable requirement of engineering construction the calculation function of the use of program engineering calculator powerful flexible and rapid completion of surveying data processing has become a staff engineering survey specialty. Must have a core occupation ability. The construction of measurement data engineering construction measurement, calculator program design and development of teaching application platform, to cultivate engineering survey specialty construction measurement data processing core. Occupation ability and reform of teaching mode of "construction measurement data processing” course teaching of engineering has an important reference value.

In recent years, new technology, new technology is widely used in production and construction, and on the professional competence engineering measurement technology professional positions should have put forward new demands, mainly in measuring, painting, considered to improve the professional capacity of the three. Industries and enterprises through employer surveys, showing that vocational students to test, draw the two professional competence easy to master, to "count" the ability to grasp is not enough, while students usually study also used to focus on the first two. Engineering calculator as handheld computing devices, specially adapted in real-time, flexible, mobile data processing engineering construction measurement, measurement of work in the construction site has outstanding advantages. Higher engineering measuring technology for students, the design and development capabilities in engineering construction survey calculator program is to improve the construction of measurement data processing professional competence necessary requirement.

In this paper, engineering measurement technology professional job of professional competence based on the requirements, analysis of engineering construction calculator measuring program "Teaching," demand for integrated teaching, building engineering calculator program design and development of teaching application platform, based on the completion of construction Measurement data processing process systematization of engineering calculators Construction Survey assemblies for students of engineering construction survey data processing professional competence has important practical value.


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