Relationship Between Dynamic and Static Modulus of Elasticity of I-beam

Guiyen Yu, Jiang Chang, Jing Lin


The relationship was analyzed between dynamic and static modulus of elasticity (MOE) of I-beam, the dynamic modulus elasticity was evaluated by vibration wave nondestructive testing (NDT), the static modulus elasticity was evaluated by three point bending test, and I-beam was made of HDPE and poplar flour. The dynamic MOE was evaluated on a FFT system, and the static MOE of the same Specimens measured on the key laboratory of bio-based material science and technology of ministry of Chinese education according to the ASTM standard D 790-03. Results showed that the NDT MOE values overestimated the static MOE from -9.47% to 31.96% depending on the boardwalk type. Regression analysis showed no significant correlation between the dynamic MOE and the Static MOE. These results suggest that the vibration wave NDT technique may not be appropriate to estimate the static MOE of I-beam made from WPC. The trend however needs to be confirmed by further testing.


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