Comparative Dynamics Analysis on Nanoscale Xonotlite Fibers Synthesized via Hydrothermal Synthesis

Fei LIU, Sha CHEN, Qian LIN, Xiao-dan WANG, Jian-xin CAO


The xonotlite crystals were synthesized via the hydrothermal synthesis manner from CaO and SiO2 as the raw materials with their Si/Ca molar ratio of 1.0. Comparative dynamics analysis on nanoscale xonotlite fibers synthesized via hydrothermal synthesis was explored in this paper. The accuracy of the dynamic equation of xonotlite fibers ( , 0 0.2 0.2 0 5 [1 (1 ) ] ( ) A t C − −a = k t − t ) was verified by two methods, one was comparing the production rate of the xonotlite products calculated by the dynamic equation with the experimental values, and the other was comparing the apparent activation energies calculated by the dynamic equation with that calculated by the Kondo model ( 1/3 0 [1 (1 ) ] ( ) A − −a = k t − t ). The results indicated that the production rates of the xonotlite fibers calculated by the dynamic equation were in good agreement with the experimental values and the apparent activation energy of the xonotlite fibers calculated by dynamic equation (77 kJ·mol-1) was close to that calculated by Kondo model (75 kJ·mol-1), verifying the high accuracy of the dynamic equation.


Xonotlite fiber, Dynamic equation, Kondo model, Production rate, Apparent activation energy.


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