Animation of Money Management and Accounting for High School Students

Ting-sheng WENG, Meng-hui HSU, Chien-kuo LI


Money management implies important financial accumulation, which involves the allocation, exercising, and management of capitals. This research designs and creates “Animation of money management and accounting for high school students”, which can help high school students understand their how and why they should plan for living expenses to prevent potential financial crisis in the future. The animations are created using LINE Camera APP software and the PowToon software tool. This research also allows university students to think back on how much they had spent during their high school days, incites students’ retrospective on financial literacy and inspires their enthusiastic responses to and feedback on their spending habits. Most students mentioned that they have no idea how much or where they had spent money during their high school years, or whether they had well spent their allowance from their parents, and only recently realized the huge amount of money they had spent. This animated film program reminds students that it is necessary to track their spending and to put their parental patronage to good use, meaning they should plan their expenses to avoid unnecessary spending to reduce parents’ financial burden. This research shows that animation contributes to current high school students’ financial literacy and expense planning, and also serves the purpose of both general education / math course content and the pursuit of lifelong learning.


Financial literacy, Animation, Accounting, Living expense, Lifelong learning


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