Analytical Study of Using Multimedia Techniques for Helping Learning Disabilities Students: The Case of Centers in Bahrain



This paper examines the use of multimedia techniques to help students with learning disabilities. The paper makes use of previous studies to research the effect of multimedia techniques on students in Bahrain. The research draws on information from the Ministry of Development and also from Private Centers in Bahrain which have students with learning disabilities. It is noticed that Bahrain’s Private Centers for learning disabilities have a large number of students with disabilities, the majority of whom are males. About 60% of these students are autistic children with learning disabilities whereas the rest represent children with mental impairment and Down syndrome respectively. The objective of this research is to investigate the influence of multimedia on the students facing difficulties in learning. It was known that the Centers in Bahrain are using multimedia techniques and that they were being helpful in making the conditions better for them. Thus, this shows that multimedia could be the right tool to choose to help the betterment of those students. Various ways of using multimedia tools were found through the previous studies which can be used to help improve the learning of the students’ with disabilities. The multimedia social stories, visual aids can be used as tools for making the students learn as shown by the results of the previous studies. This paper describes the development of an adaptive multimedia eLearning system for autistic learners that improves their learning skills and serves as eLearning environment for learning disabilities also. It helps enhancing the user’s social skills such as the communication skills which are a good practice for the autistic children.


E learning, Multimedia system, Adaptive systems, Learning disabilities, Autism


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