Research on the Mechanism of "Holy Trinity" of Moral Education Integration

Jin-yong LI


The mechanism of "Holy trinity" of moral education integration is a kind of collaborative mechanism and guarantee mechanism with the integration of school, family and society. The school, family and social moral education is the important part and the moral education on teenagers is a systematic project. Each of them plays a significant role in the implementation of the moral education on teenagers. Respectively, school is the main position of moral education and the family moral education plays a role of foundation. What’s more, the social moral education supplements and supports them. The organic integration of the three is not only a real need of education resultant force level, the calling of moral education effectiveness, but also the inevitable requirement of building a harmonious society. By Innovating integration of moral education carrier and exploring a new way of moral education implementation, the integration mechanism of moral education among school, family, and society can work effectively.


Moral education, Integration, Mechanism


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