University-Industry Collaboration in Armenia

Yuan-jian QIN, Davit MKHITARYAN, Miraj Ahmed BHUIYAN


Collaboration between University and Industry is increasingly significant to make a contribution to the economy and society. University-Industry Collaboration (UIC) facilitates the transfer of knowledge and stimulates new knowledge and technology development. In Armenia, the poor linkages between education and industry are notably critical as well as the existence of innovative intermediaries and support institutions. The government is not a full-fledged facilitator and has an interventionist function in business. The present paper aims to establish successful UIC model. The proposed model emphasizes the role of university, industry, government, trade associations, and non-government organizations (NGOs) to work mutually to achieve successful collaboration. The analysis of Armenia case showed that there is no common practice encouraging UIC. The government policies are insufficient to motivate UIC. Findings identified the university’s role and the factors of UIC. If public policy is employed to bridge this gap the efficiency of both academic and industrial sectors will increase.


University-industry collaboration, Model of collaboration, Armenian government policies, Armenia


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