The Application of QFD and Information Entropy in Improved Design for the Manned Capsule HMI

Bo LI, Yan-min XUE, Xiao-min JI


In order to introduce the user needs into the improved design of HMI (man-machine interface) quickly and reasonably, Be intended for Manned Capsule HMI, the particular field of engineering technology. A product design method and QFD technology based on information entropy is proposed. Aimed at the design characteristics of HMI components, using the QFD technical and to guide the design process of the man-machine interface, through information entropy theory to determine the customer requirements in quality function deployment. Research shows this method can reduce the subjective judgment in the process of HMI design, and through the QFD technical and information entropy theory can enhance the effectiveness and objectivity.


QFD, Information entropy, Manned capsule, Ergonomics, Improved design


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