The Industrial Adjustment Strategy Based on Technology Innovation Efficiency

Xing-neng XIA, Tao-zhu FENG


In order to optimize the industrial structure, taking Shaanxi province as an example, this paper divides technology innovation efficiency into non-market orientation and market orientation by using the method of Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA), and also gives the analysis to the result of typical industries. The study shows: There is a significant difference in the technology innovation efficiency among different industries. The original innovation ability and the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements are not coordinated, but overall technical innovation efficiency is on the rise. The efficiency of industrial technology innovation is not only affected by talent and capital investment, but also by the market environment and macro policy. Shaanxi province should play the dual role of market and policy, implement differentiated industrial policy, promote the upgrading of industrial structure adjustment, and enhance the financial subsidies to make the industries healthy, orderly and sustainable based on the efficiency of technological innovation of the industry's performance.


Technology innovation efficiency, SFA, Market orientation, Shaanxi province


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