Research on Resource Sharing and Application Coordinating for Multiple IMS-based Clients on Mobile Device

Yun-chong GUAN, Wei-min LEI, Wei ZHANG, Shao-wei LIU, Hao LI


With the rapid evolution of next generation network IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is maturing. The coexistence of emerging IMS-based clients leads to local resource contention, response conflict, power consumption and potential message storm from periodical signaling. In this paper, we conclude these issues as resource sharing and application coordinating. To solve these issues, we propose IMS-DUCP to conduct centralized signaling control locally. A priority scheduling mechanism is designed for resource sharing and the match mechanism between service characteristics and client capability for application coordinating. An agent registering process is presented to decrease interactions with IMS-core. Evaluations demonstrate that signaling processes controlled by IMS-DUCP work effectively and performances are acceptable.


IP multimedia subsystem, Multiple clients coexistence, Message storm, Resource sharing, Application coordinating


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