Study and Design of Virtual Laboratory in Robotics-Learning

Fei MA, Rui-qing JIA


With the development of virtual reality technology, more and more virtual laboratories are used in the fields of education and scientific research. Many famous universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad have carried out a lot of research on the virtual laboratory, but most of them stay in the design of some simple experiments and the development of specific functions. This paper is expected to focus on using virtual reality technology to embody the teaching process of Robotics. Through the analysis of the theoretical framework and development approach of virtual experimental technology, a general method is developed to build a virtual laboratory in Robotics-Learning. By contrasting the implementation methods of various virtual experiment techniques, the virtual laboratory technology software framework is established. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by the establishment of a three-link robot virtual laboratory. Thus, teaching content could be displayed in the virtual world completely. All these can be used either in college education or training to acquire knowledge about robotics and mechanical.


Virtual laboratory, Robotics, Three-link robot


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