One Message Chain Based Cooperation Mechanism for Component Based Software Generation

Yong-kai FAN, Sheng-le LIU, Xiao-dong LIN, Jian-rong BAI


During software development, one of the most critical activities for software engineers or software users is the exact and correct description and identification of requirements. This activity involves understanding the problem, which is essential to allow one to define a solution for it. To do this, it is important not only to understand the tasks routinely performed which is part of the problem, but more importantly to understand the domain in which the system will take place. In order to make the software development more comfortable, we present a novel architectural style directed at supporting larger grain reuse and flexible system composition in the special software domain. Under this new architecture, build a software for special domain is easy and feasible. However, one problem we have to tackle with is the data sharing among the various components. In order to make components work together well, we present asynchronous messages for components communication. This paper describes how to composite software components based on the architecture and asynchronous messages in order to eliminate the control and design process in the software development procedure.


Message chain, System composition, Component communication


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