Digraph-based Requirement Prioritization for Comparisons Reduction

Wan-yu CHEN, Hong-hui CHEN, Tao CHEN, Fei CAI


The increasing size of requirements is challenging to requirement prioritization in a large scale software engineering projects. Most existing requirement prioritization methods have high accuracy but suffer a problem of scalability. To overcome the aforementioned shortcomings, this paper proposes a prioritization approach based on Requirement digraph (R-digraph). Via a transformation from requirements to nodes and from prioritization relationships to edges, we propose one algorithm to build the R-digraph with less human interactions, and another algorithm is designed to perform the dominance test and to output the final rank of requirements. A comprehensive experiment is conducted to evaluate the performance of our proposal. The results show that our approach achieves reliable performance in terms of less human interaction than the state-of-the-art.


Requirement prioritization, Requirement directed graph, Comparison reduction, Dominance test


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