Day-Ahead Optimized Dispatch for the Micro-grid Containing Accumulator

Dai-xing SHI


An optimally economical dispatch scheme for the operation of micro-grid is proposed in order to solve the micro-grid dispatch problems caused by large quantities of approved construction of micro-grid projects. And it analyzes the issue of a micro-grid system in micro-grid that whether the storage battery works or if there is a constraint between the micro-grid with the grid in switching power and thus calculates the power supply structure in each period and the total power supply cost per day as well as the average unit price of electricity purchase under these four different conditions by considering various cost and both the constraints of battery parameters and different rules in different durations. Then the utilization of renewable energy along with the produced influence of storage battery after adjustment is analyzed. The optimized dispatch model is established using the quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization and ultimately an optimized dispatch scheme with maximum economic benefits is determined for the significant improvement of economic benefits and better satisfaction for the requirements of real-time dispatch, which plays the role of peak load shifting of storage battery.


micro-grid; quantum particle swarm; optimal dispatch; storage battery


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