The Hydrogen Production System in Wind Power Micro Grid Modeling and the Simulation on Its Power Property

Chen-xing YANG, Yuan WEN, Ying DENG


The fluctuation of wind power may easily cause the great impact on the grid while it was integrated in the grid in large scale, and resulted in the generally existed phenomenon of abandoned wind power and power brownouts accordingly. Aiming to such problem the academic circles have proposed the method of hydrogen production to consume the excessive wind power. In this paper, with the consideration of the power supply scheme for micro grid, it aims to enable the wind power better providing power for hydrogen production, and designs its structure according to the working principles of each module, and completes the system modeling of such micro grid based on Dig SILENT Power Factory software and carries out the flow analysis on such model and simulation of power control model, it proves that this system can be run stably theoretically.


Micro grid, Hydrogen production with wind power, Power factory, Flow simulation


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