TRIZ Innovative Approaches to Geographic Information Systems GIS+BIM Building Information Model Research on Numerical Identification System

Min LIN, Hai-ying WU, Wei-hong HONG, Qing-lian ZHOU, Xiang-wei ZHANG


Building information modeling (Building Information Modeling, BIM) Was born of the new age effective, low-cost, life-information of unprecedented technological change, which contribute to modern information technology to a more humane, ecological, with the stride development of intelligent, but, in fact, BIM Century as far as promotion 2D CAD Technology in the global promotion of speed, the reason was BIM Technical implementation stage requires a lot of hardware resources and the service terminal configuration, contrary to BIM 'S original intention of low cost, high effectiveness, while if we can integrate cloud computing technology and BIM Practical implementation platform combines background consuming resources and configuration data to the cloud, update mobile devices are only used to improve the information, then the problem is solved.


Building information modeling, TRIZ, Printing technology, Modeling analysis, Cloud computing, Knowledge engineering


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