Information Modeling for GIS Smart Condition Monitoring and Information Exchange System Development Based on IEC61850

Tai-yun ZHU, Chang-wei ZHAO, Deng-feng CHENG, Liu-fang WANG, Jian-tao YE, Hao ZHENG, Feng WANG, Jian-gang BI


GIS are widely applied in power systems and lead to severe consequence when accidents take place. Online monitoring on GIS systems is hence necessary. Based on function analysis of the needs of GIS smart condition monitoring, a modeling method, a communication system and data exchanging interfaces, meeting IEC 61850 intrinsic ideas, are presented after research. Implement of sharing and interacting strategies for intelligently-monitored GIS condition information are discussed. Focusing on MMS-based server/client communication mode, Information exchanging principles based on MMS messaging, logs and files are clarified. Server-client information exchanging communication programs are designed and flow-charts of essential functions and client/server are also presented.


GIS monitoring, IEC61850 modeling, Information exchange, Smart power equipment


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