Logistics Vehicle Monitoring Intelligence System

Dai-xian ZHU, Xin MAO, Shu-lin LIU


In this paper the design and the manufacture of the logistics vehicle monitoring system based on ARM11 is proposed. Camera module, sensor module, barcode scanning module, GPS positioning module, wireless communication module, and GPRS module are employed on the terminal, which use LINUX and ARM11 to realize software system and hardware system separately, to make the system more practical and convenient. In data acquisition part, data including vehicle interior images, vehicle inclination angle and goods weight, goods information obtained by the camera module acquisition, the sensor module and bar code scanner module separately is sent to the monitoring terminal via a wireless communication module for display after data processing. Monitor terminal display real-time vehicle location information collected by GPS module, and at the same time, send location information to the server via GPRS module, displaying on the electronic map. Thus we realize the real-time monitoring of vehicles and logistics management.


ARM, Linux, GPS, GPRS, Electronic map


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