Simulation and Experiment on the Dimensional Error for the Large-Scale Assembly Linked by Abundant Solid Rivets

Jun Ni, Yu SUN, Wu-xue DING


Large-scale antenna reflector that is sheet-metals linked by abundant solid rivets requires a conversion from the lying to standing state after the riveting. To predict the final dimensional error according to the assembly process, this paper presents a numerical method that gathers the locating and riveting distortions into the global dimensional error. Then experiment finishes the locating, riveting and state conversion of sheet-metals and tests the relative deviations and dimensional errors for the key points at the end of each state or stage for the test sample. Substitution of the experimental locating errors and riveting process parameters into the proposed method yields global dimensional errors which are agreeable with the experimental global dimensional errors.


Dimensional error, locating, riveting, numerical interpolation, finite element analysis


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