Natural Dynamic Analysis of High Aspect Ratio Wing Based on a Practical Engineering Method

Han-wen YANG, Jing-wu HE, Yue-xi XIONG


This paper proposes a practical engineering method about calculating the natural frequency and modes of high aspect ratio wing. The process of discretizing and parameterizing the three-dimensional model of high aspect ratio wing is described in two steps. The first step is to simplify the model according to the thin-walled mechanics and engineering beam theory. Then the stiffness matrix and mass matrix is established by calculating the distribution of the wing’s stiffness and mass. After putting the matrixes into the calculating program based on method of matrix iteration, the natural frequencies and modes of the wing are given out. Comparison of the results with the FEM and the experiment data is made and it is revealed that the deviation is acceptable, which proves this method’s feasibility.


High aspect ratio wing, Parameterize, Method of matrix iteration


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