Analysis of the Engineering Characteristics of Solidified Saline Soil Based on the Microstructure Index Using Response Surface Methodology

Hai-yan ZHAO, Yuan ZHANG, Xiu-qing GAO


Selection of experimental factors such as particle size fractal dimension Dps, particle orientation fractal dimension Ddi, equivalent diameter De , design the experiments using response surface method, Study on the relationship between the mechanical strength index and the optimal microstructure parameters of lime solidified saline soil ,and is verified. The results show that the microstructure of the solidified soil is the best index of particle size fractal dimension Dps 0.8, particle orientation fractal dimension Ddi 0.93, equivalent diameter De 1.75, The mechanical strength of solidified saline soil reached the maximum. The model can be used to analyze and predict the mechanical properties of solidified soil.


Solidified saline soil, Microstructure index, Response surface method


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