Numerical Study on Vane Seal Lubrication Model Considering Surface Morphology

Chuang JIA, Liang-xi XIE, Zhong-zheng LUO


Vane seal - hydraulic cylinder inner wall (rotor outer circle) friction pair is studied as object of this paper. The contact pressure mathematical model of vane seal was established by using the generalized Hooke's law, and the distribution of pressure on the contact surface was obtained. Based on the transient average Reynolds equation and the G-W micro-bulge contact model, the hydrodynamic lubrication model of the surface of the hydraulic rotary vane actuators with the surface topography was established. Under the condition of the contact pressure of the vane, the lubrication model was carried out by inverse solution method and the distribution of oil film thickness were obtained. The influence of the surface morphology on the lubrication seal of the vane was analyzed by the known curve of the surface performance parameters of the vane seal surface, which provides a theoretical basis for the sealing of the hydraulic rotary vane actuators.


Surface topography, Contact pressure, Lubrication


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