Investigation of Oil Droplet Distribution in a Vane-Type Pipe Separator

Shi-ying SHI, Chu-chu LIANG, Dong ZHANG, Hua LI, Sheng-hong ZHENG, Wei LI


The droplet size distribution (DSD) in a swirl flow field formed by guiding vanes in a vane-type pipe separator (VTPS) was experimentally studied. The cumulative volume fraction and maximum droplet diameter of the dispersed phase were determined using a laser particle size analyzer. The results show how the characteristics of droplets in a swirl flow field changes with the dispersed phase content, flow rate and water velocity at the inlet. A quasi-power law function is shown to fit the DSD cumulative volume fraction results better than the Rosin-Rammler Function.


Guiding vanes, Droplet size distribution, Swirl flow field, Maximum droplet, Cumulative volume function


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