Research Status and Development of Cu2O Thin Film Solar Cells

Mingxing Jing, Peibo Cui, Kegao Liu


Solar thin film battery has been dominated in the market with a safe, reliable, pollution-free and long life. Cu2O photoelectric thin film battery has been given more attention due to the advantages of the low price, abundant reserves and good photoelectric effect, Cu2O is a p-type semiconductor with a band gap of 1.9eV-2.38eV. At present, the Cu2O thin films are prepared by low cost methods such as thermal evaporation, sputtering, chemical vapor deposition and electrochemical deposition. According to the research, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of Cu2O thin film battery can only reach 2%, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency of Cu2O can reach about 20%. In this paper, the structure, properties and preparation technology of Cu2O film battery were summarized, and the development space and prospect of Cu2O film were proposed.


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