Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Research on Microcantilever Vibration Performance in AFAM

Gaimei Zhang, Xiaoli Song, Can Wang, Yaxiong Liu


1Atomic force acoustic microscopy (AFAM ) is a dynamical technique, by which the elasticity of the sample and sub-surface defects can be evaluated at nano-scale. Therefore, it is important to build the relative between contact stiffness and resonant frequency and determine the accuracy of the elastic modulus measurements. This paper analyzes the mechanical behavior of the cantilever of AFAM, the resonance frequency of the cantilever under free state and contacting with sample using finite element method are simulated, and the resonance frequencies are measured for the two states experimentally. From the three-dimensional model results, the resonance frequency of tensional modes also can found. Acoustic amplitude images are obtained using AFAM system, which can not only show the morphology but also mechanical information.


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