Research on Cr3+ Adsorption Properties Based Synthetic Zeolite

Ting Cheng, Chen Chen, Ruiyang Lv, Xiao Zhang, Fan Feng


The article discusses the effect of the adsorbed dose、initial value of pH and reaction temperature on the adsorption process of Cr3+ by fly ash based synthetic zeolite, and then the data is simulated for adsorption isotherm and dynamics at the same time. The results indicate that the dose of zeolite、initial value of solution pH and reaction temperature all have the significant effects on the removal effect of Cr3+. With the increasing of addition of adsorbent, the removal efficiency of Cr3+ improves constantly and the saturated adsorption capacity drops gradually. The adsorption rate of zeolite adsorbing Cr3+ is about 100% when the initial value of pH comes to 4. The rise of reaction temperature is not positive for the adsorption of zeolite on Cr3+ and the adsorption effect of zeolite on Cr3+ begins to fall gradually with the going up of reaction temperature. The process of zeolite adsorbing Cr3+ fits the Freundlich adsorption isotherm and pseudo second-class reactive kinetics equation can well describe the adsorption behavior of zeolite on Cr3+.


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