The Application of Ionic Liquid Composite Materials in Denitrification from Flue Gas

Bao-You Liu, Pei-Wen Zhang


In this paper, ionic liquid BMIMPF6 was synthesized and characterized by IR and 1H NMR, and the properties, such as melting point, density, viscosity conductivity and the solubility with common solvents were detected. The NO2 solubility in composite materials composed of ionic liquid and organic base was also discussed, the absorption process was optimized and the absorption mechanism was speculated. The results showed that the purity of ionic liquid is 99% by 1H NMR. The properties of ionic liquid are basically identical with literature reported data. Under the optimum experimental conditions, the composite material composed of the ionic liquid and the organic alkali showed a high NO2 absorption amount of 0.311gNO2/g ionic liquid composite material, and the absorption process is a physical and chemical process. The ionic liquid composite material can be recycled for 4 times, and the absorption effect is basically unchanged.


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