Study of Deformation Behavior of 4A60 Aluminum Alloy/08Al Steel Clad Material During Cold Roll Bonding

Bo Wu, Long Li, Chuang Gao, Zhenming Yang, Dejing Zhou


The deformation behaviors of 4A60 aluminum alloy/08Al steel clad materials with different thickness of each layer were investigated in this study. The amounts of residual aluminum and cracks on the steel surface of deformation zone after peeling were measured, and the morphologies of steel surfaces after peeling and caustic wash were observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM), respectively. In addition, the mechanical of aluminum/steel roll bonding was discussed. The results showed that the deformation of aluminum alloy has precedence over steel layer, and the stable thickness reduction of collaborative deformation of aluminum layer and steel layer decreased along with the thickness of steel layer increase, and increased with the thickness of aluminum layer. The effect of ditches generated by steel brush on bonding strength of the aluminum/steel composite materials of CRB was larger than transverse cracks growth along rolling direction.


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